Matter and shape to create spaces, since 1986

Promal has been offering innovative and quality solutions for 35 years, specializing in cultural (libraries, bookstores, cultural spaces, museums), commercial (books, music, cinema), and office sectors. The company offers individual elements or an entire “turnkey” assortment, ensuring flexibility for the future and accurate design. The production quality is guaranteed by the continuous innovation and the certifications obtained.

100% italian certified

All stages of processing take place in the Promal plant in Pianezza (TO). From cutting, bending/paneling and painting, to the packaging of the finished product, all under the strictest quality controls (ISO 9001:2015 certified). Each product is 100% Italian as Promal works with suppliers that operate within a few kilometers from its premises, promoting local businesses. Promal ensures a rigid control from raw materials to processing and a minimal environmental impact. The use of non-toxic and - where possible - recycled or recyclable materials, from production to packaging, is a guarantee of quality for both the customer and the collaborators.

Promal subjects its products to safety, resistance and non-toxicity tests at accredited laboratories that certify their quality and compliance with the latest technical standards in the industry. We strongly believe that product quality and customer and production safety are an investment.

The company has an integrated management system relating to:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Sistema di Gestione per la Qualità
  • ISO 14001:2015 Sistema di Gestione Ambientale
  • EMAS
  • ISO 45001:2018 Sistema di Gestione della Sicurezza
  • Rispetto dei criteri minimi ambientali (CAM)
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 EMAS

Innovate to evolve

From the idea to installation. All the steps of a conscious production

Promal Azienda

Flexibility - Responding to any new market needs is crucial, and this is guaranteed by the flexible organization of work and continuous investments in technology .

Design - Promal designers are available to our clients to design and implement any conceivable solution.

Production - The quality control of each object is ensured by the fact that production and preparation take place in a single factory, minimizing costs.

Innovation - Conceiving the Book Return Box, now appreciated by libraries throughout Europe, is just one example of Promal’s propensity for continuous design and solution innovation.

Consulting - Customer care is a fundamental aspect for a 360 ° service, from design to turnkey delivery.

Certification - The various certifications received over time are a confirmation of the quality of our work, which includes the choice of materials and the concern for the environment.


An ecological and quality choice
The art of dominating metal was one of the main achievements of the great civilizations of the past. Today it’s regaining its place as the protagonist of our space, after being downgraded to a product of industry and mechanics in recent centuries. Versatility, strength and lightness, combined with craftsmanship make it one of the best materials for today’s furniture production, even among the most refined ones. This combination of physical properties and design makes it versatile for any shape, finish or color solution, ensuring high functional results and aesthetic value.
Lightweight - A metal piece of furniture weighs much less than a wooden piece of furniture but can carry more weight: its lightness allows it to be handled even when assembled.

Durable - A metal piece of furniture weighs much less than a wooden piece of furniture but can carry more weight: its lightness allows it to be handled even when assembled.

Eco-friendly - It has a low environmental impact throughout its life cycle. It has very low levels of polluting emissions and energy consumption during all stages of production, it does not require the felling of trees, it does not contain toxic chemicals or pollutants and it has a low CO2 impact during transport.

Recyclable - It is a renewable and recyclable element therefore it ensures easy disposal and complete reuse at the end of its life cycle, as it can be disassembled.

Fire-resistant - It is completely fireproof.

Versatile - Modular components allow you to reconfigure spaces as needs change, avoiding waste and unnecessary replacements.

Compliance with the CAM

Ecological - All products are made of steel sheet, a renewableresource which can be recycled and recyclable with a low environmental impact. For the surface finish we use nontoxic paints only, compliant with the legal indications for “cov” emissions and dangerous substances (cadmium, lead, chromium VI, mercury, arsenic, selenium, phthalates, nickel, formaldehyde).

Recyclable - No resins or glues are included, the products are monomaterials (composed of a single material both as a single structure and as an assembly of pieces in which no different material is used), they can be disassembled and therefore easily recyclable and disposable. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Modular - Flexible and reconfigurable to changing needs: this ensures a longer and more versatile life for different product configurations, avoiding waste caused by replacing furniture that is still in acceptable conditions.

Fireproof - The steel sheet painted with polyester powders is classified as “fireproof” in compliance with the EN 13501-1 regulation | “A1” Euroclass.
The Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) are the environmental requirements defined to identify virtuous products for the environment throughout their entire life cycle. Promal operates in full compliance with these requirements set out in the Decree of the Minister of the Environment for the Protection of the Territory and the Sea.


The attention to our assortment takes form thanks to the supervision of a continuous and linear process, from the design concept to its implementation. Among our creations we can boast customers as:
Ministero dell'Interno - Polizia di Stato; Versace S.p.A.; Davide Campari S.p.A.; Italgas S.p.A.; Politecnico di Torino | Milano | Bari | Marche; Polimoda Firenze; più di 20 Università italiane pubbliche e private tra cui Bocconi | Cattolica (Milano), Sapienza | Tor Vergata | Roma Tre (Roma) e Ca' Foscari (Venezia); Museo del Cinema di Torino; Museo Fico di Bologna; Fondazione Treatro Regio Torino; Ospedale Meyer di Firenze; Ospedale Niguarda di Milano.


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